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the degrade. the stories could even. be. supported for three years british reporter graeme phillips gives r.t. a firsthand account of his capture and interrogation by ukraine's security forces. human rights watch says the ukrainian military could have committed war crimes by killing civilians with unguided rockets plus. israel and hamas temporarily lay down arms for a twelve hour humanitarian three seeing this is airstrikes on friday killed dozens bringing the total palestinian death toll to around eight hundred and seventy eight .
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coming to you live from moscow you're watching r.t. international british journalist graham phillips who's been reporting for r.t. from eastern ukraine has been released by the country's security services he told us what happened when he went missing in the region on wednesday. i mean poland dumb or even exactly sure i might just go for the border by this quite recently so i'm just kind of get my bearings way started i three days ago i went to film air or at night you told me not to go in strong terms but i went anyway with a local journalist the dean and we were taken by ukrainian soldiers and i was prepared to be the mark of front of me also i'm getting pretty severely beaten by quoting soldiers on the ground his head of the ground just a young guy and they were punching and kicking him and then you took him away and
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then i was left with a soldier that had a gun to my heads i was telling you that if my details that. you wouldn't guarantee that i was going to i was going to leave they just wanted to film you know and why the press best all move and just cameras. the saudis to take to get him off the dogs left with a soldier that seemed. pretty intent on doing some damage but luckily they never kind of go into action situation that was shelling a day or so washed me into the building i was blindfolded and i was sort of kind of pushed around a little bit and kind of sat down and interrogated us a lot of questions about the next group public and it took all my things off to get away and my car which was parked nearby guns all my things and asking lots of questions that i would give answers or give any confidential information and really sail with the team we spent the night in
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a cell together we you know we had no war we no toilet in a in a dark cell it was pitch black i can see a thing and then the next day they dragged me out the left. and then i asked if i was going to answer more questions and i said i wouldn't so you put me in a room next to their artillery position where they were firing so when they started firing pretty heavily from the extremes of them i was in i was getting fired on and i was there you know for the day and and then again. the day they put me in a military vehicle i don't lie i'm told me again i was blindfolded for a long time to see the military vehicle not i don't know what it was a base somewhere in a forest and i was on my knees in the middle of a forest and there are soldiers around me shouting at me. and i did in my car that you know to check my car. the best the next day the s.b.u. the security service ukrainian security service took me and i just had my bags a few bags and he took me off his approach and again they asked for you ask you a question this is a great security service and i was put in another car taken to kiev and then today
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put in a band and then take it to the weirdo hall and it just dumped out. all things if you buy things but i find all my talents to be. a band for three years and the reason they do it so that was simply that i was that was all it said in the form it would let me take your technical people but just said that you work for our team it's the enemy of your band deployed a band for the frame three is i want to get a chance to defend myself and just take the board out kicked over the other basically and then you know here i am with some of the things i have tried to kind of piece my own life but together. well ukraine security services have confirmed that graeme phillips had been detained for questioning they said and i quote he's been forcibly removed beyond the bands of ukraine for three years in the interests of national security sovereignty and territorial integrity but here's what kiev security forces said when graham's whereabouts were still unknown. i know he's been
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taken hostage there's no information on this were both were there is a bounty on his heard the ukrainian military don't apprehend journalists. for his crime told us his life was threatened his part of the video here bloodied to huge shame with a recording of his conversation apparently with a ukrainian security officer so yes because our little club. steps in and out into this new area that you would imagine when you hear what you. really don't know we'll. bring you all. the more than just the one thing you did just really to keep up with you. or you thirdly a new guy that you seem to think. he's put me to do anything but what he. did. but i still believe in the
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reason is that enough for me. drawing wide attention to events in eastern ukraine is just one of the reasons why graham phillips was detained that is according to legal expert alexander mccall this. first question is that he was working for r.t.e. and it is a russian television station secondly that he was broadcasting in english and so was attracting an english speaking audience and thirty if i may say so because mr phillips is a very good journalist and was broadcasting things that the ukrainian authorities don't want the world to see and he was doing that as i said in english and that was obviously unacceptable to them so presumably they will be treating our journalists who work for other russian television stations or news media organizations in the same way i find it actually very worrying. graham has been posting online about his
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treatment at the hands of ukraine's security forces and he spared no details on what he and his fellow journalists had to endure you can follow his twitter feed for more details of his experiences. the ukrainian military has killed at least sixteen civilians with unguided grad rockets and that could amount to war crimes that is according to human rights watch which documented for me sarla tags on the opposition held city of then yes. the group warns the grad system is too inaccurate to be used on populated areas rights watch is calling on both sides of the conflict to stop using this kind of weapon system if they want to save civilian lives the use of unguided rockets has been called a violation of international law that could amount to war crimes one of the authors of the report says the ukrainian military should be called to account for killing civilians. neither side really seems to take enough precautions to make sure that
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civilians are not killed or injured and when he has these kinds of weapons in populated areas it's a really high risk receive against the injured and killed and that's what we saw in the pitofsky district that civilians were being killed by these kinds of rockets you were able to buy in looking at the creators looking at the direction from where the rockets were coming from looking at the. walls that were hit by these rockets so if it's if the rocket hits the western wall of a building it's coming from the west by doing that we were being it we were able to establish where the attacks were coming from in for attacks they were coming from areas under the control of the ukrainian army so in four of these attacks in the nets which killed sixteen civilians we believe that the ukrainian army was
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responsible for those attacks we are calling it human rights watch is calling on both the ukrainian government and on separatist forces to immediately stop using grad rockets these kinds of indiscriminate weapons in populated areas and the ukrainian government should also investigate these cases where there are where there is reason to believe that ukrainian government forces were responsible for for the killing of civilians and both sides are denying the use of granite weapons or the use of at least the use of grad weapons in populated areas but our evidence is quite clear and the ukrainian government should investigate and should immediately stop the use of these weapons in populated areas. my mother resistance hub of the yes can eastern ukraine has enjoyed another night of shouting that itis pictures from the city apparently showing the bombardment. government forces have used multiple rocket launches and while morale in ukraine's on
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a pace to be falling soldiers wounded on the front lines say that commanders have forgotten about them as their main course the raf reports. dozens of wounded minutes or you were able to get out from encircled ones by and forces the soldiers claim that high ranking officers read accounts the front line and if they do they tried to leave as soon as possible preferably before dark. suit of the ones who was. you know who are still in the front of the are. just the fellow who would you put the. millions of dollars have already been spent by kiev on its punitive action against those they call terrorists now while the countries and leadership they had ordered yes and no other mobilization a round of its citizens into active armed forces the money stream to finance all
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that seems to be drying out he won't have the money to pay for a military operation after all because of the first the army needs around seven hundred seventy five million dollars here with just a week left before the first of august ski of a scrambling for support all that said punitive action in the east of the country but morale of the soldiers on the grounds and the collapsing parliament could become a barrier for their peroration star get room on costs or have artsy done s.q. crane. on the violence tens of thousands of people have been fleeing the region according to the united nations the number of refugees has doubled since june but his. reports not everyone believes the numbers. the u.n. says two hundred fifty thousand ukrainians have left their homes in eastern ukraine since the fighting began the state department had doubted the sources of the un's previous reports on ukrainian refugees and many russians from ukraine have family in russia some may be staying with them but neither ukrainian border guards or nor
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international organizations operating in the area have boarded any large outflows of refugees to russia but now we do colleges possibly for the first time that there is a humanitarian crisis inside ukraine i can't confirm those numbers and quite frankly haven't seen that from a u.n. report so i'm happy to fact check that for you and see if we can confirm what we think the numbers are we know there is a humanitarian crisis here at the state department believes ukrainian military posts came under fire from the russian territory a spokesperson did not go into detail of where such information comes from you are and that artillery russian territory. military is going into a not your immediate military outpost but you are convinced you see no indication she's no indication that the opposite is true that ukrainians are still encouraged while the u.s. state department says no indication that the russian territory comes on the fire from witnesses who live near the border inside russia offer
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a different perspective. bashing the taxi. and there was. no doubt the people that are going to be looking. to. the u.s. is now saying that russia prepares to send powerful missile launchers into ukraine but again does not specify what evidence such as. geisha it is based on i can underline the information that had led to that assessment and we don't have specifics about what those systems might look like to outline when pressed on how officials can put out such allegations without backing them up with substantial evidence here's what she said it's not and i don't deny it was. not one that's pretty much it's more you know it's not a question. it's a question of whether you can you know we've put out a claim isn't when you put out information and we will continue to do so and it's
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difficult and we're happy to put out as much as we can all that appears for the state department it's not so much about evidence but about trust but the fact of the matter is many journalists here do take the official word for it the media is generally slanted against russia. still to come big brother likes your status update the u.s. government reportedly. skills with experiment some facebook and other social media we've got the details in a couple of minutes time. the money is the root of all easy pickens and money is the root of all crashes or once every dumb dumb ass but what fool is one to so. but. they would like to know that you know the price is the only industry
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specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked why handful of transnational corporations will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once built just by job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing up to find her job ready to join the movement then walk a bit of. a humanitarian tree she says officially started in gaza to allow aid supplies in and
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to recover the dead and wounded israel and hamas agreed to hold five for twelve hours but none of the previous poses in fighting have held efforts to negotiate a weeklong cease fire a still ongoing. and israeli attacks on garza continued right up until a humanitarian pause took effect this morning medics in gaza say tank shelling killed eighteen palestinians from one family earlier on saturday just before the truce started. but israel says it's using the humanitarian window to demolish the masses underground tunnels the u.n. says airstrikes killed nearly seventy people in cars or on friday bringing the total number of palestinian deaths to about eight hundred seventy thirty eight israelis have also been killed in the conflict meanwhile palestinians have been holding stones and firebombs at the israeli police early on saturday in the west
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bank city of bethlehem the clashes left at least five people dead there paula slayer brings us more now from jerusalem. the idea is that this twelve hour truce term a statement truce that is the proposal that is on the on the cards right now and that during this week both sides will have a chance to cease each instant monts if indeed this seven day to use goes into effect it will begin on sunday at this stage and nine decide has agreed to it one of the major disagreements is that it's not ones to even soldiers inside gaza the hamas is not agree to this and must for its side is insisting its prisoners that are being held in israeli jails we arrested be released in this long saying well this is just too many preconditions for two three two for any kind of movement to be meet so he doesn't seem as if private side is willing to wear them or not this can material not into the not to troops serving on the ground this part is
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a mistake at the moment the israeli cabinet is still to decide whether or not they were accept this sit in the cease fire that is being put forward by the united states the year of secretary of state john kerry who was in cairo on friday really made even chief banking move as well as the arab league say could never be in and out of the play to today they will be meeting in paris for between kerry and the foreign ministers of could talk and you support hamas and on the other side it will be fine we've heard indications from both britain and hans that it is worth mentioning that all previous cease fires have been broken as these diplomatic efforts are happening finance on the ground is skyrocketing certainly what international leaders are seeking is some kind of force in the fighting that ultimately they hope will lead to a more long term since and. we earlier spoke with palestinian politician and activist mr barghouti and he believes israel should be held responsible for the
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ongoing conflict. the first people who are for the ceasefire were the palestinians and we are the united nations security council to issue a cease fire. resolution it was blocked at the united states in the united nations security council twice then there is a very wanted to impose its own conditions by. having a cease fire while keeping the siege on gaza while keeping their troops inside while demanding that palestinians have no right to desist occupation this is unacceptable to me and that should be a cease fire but also that should be a lifting of the siege so in reality what you see you have is a struggle of people who are fighting for their freedom from military occupation but has become the longest in modern history from a system of apartheid and discrimination and segregation that is much worse than what prevailed in south africa. the israeli offensive in gaza has maybe.
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even more resonant this year millions of muslims worldwide express their solidarity with the plight of the palestinian people protesters in toronto and israel's lichens and israeli flag with the iranian president attending a rally in the capital similar came from india and rallies were held also in several european countries the police had to step in to prevent clashes between rival tribes one in spain people on the streets demanded a halt to the killing in cars there. in london spoke to some of the protest is that . the arabic what coach rice said i mean this is actually and i knew a private palestinian event and i told this protest take public opinion and i put the thing in community has been galvanized by that increasing civilian death toll was there and you get a picture just nothing at the banas the trancing and the sea of people rooting for
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essential lines and. making their way towards the american embassy you get a picture of just how strong the palestinian community is that we're here to fight against israel to get the word across that palestinians are the ones are victims they're not pursing they're being oppressed so charming i must rush our support to my my fibro parents originally kicked out in one nine hundred forty eight out their homeland my mom's family were massacred and. and this course is not just important to me because i am palestinian it's important to me because it's blatant occupation it's it's blatant oppression and it's it's our duty to do what little we can just when this what they're doing. anderson children bombing indiscriminately not proportionate afraid you know so they are just more into the shells of little dishes but doing everything to stop them i think atrocious i think it's disgusting that in this day and age we are living in
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a place where we're seeing children die dying of being snorted cut in pieces and we're sitting here and come to our homes this is by no means the only rallied to take place in london a course of the conflict just several days ago due to her israeli much fault essentially collapsed but that was several thousand people gathered as well but in such a multicultural multi-religious acted so city this is a conflict that is touching people know no izing opinions and raising tensions who can see by the way the crowds the amount of people that have gathered here that london is very much i think said by the bloodshed that's taking place in the middle . ones and i'm really worried. it's not a quick look at some other world news now the french president has announced there were no survivors from the jet that crashed in mali contact was lost with the plane our request to change course due to a severe sandstorm nearly half of the hundred sixteen people on board. we're french
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at least fifteen people have been killed in a militant assault in northern afghanistan according to officials the attackers stopped two mini buses and shot the passengers dead no one has claimed responsibility for the shooting but the taliban is known to be active in the area and a man has died from an ebola infection in the nigerian capital lagos it is the first confirmed case of the deadly fever in africa's most populous nation that i just outbreak began in guinea in february later spreading to liberia and sierra leone claiming at least six hundred sixty lives no cure or vaccine for the virus exists. kristie watchdogs are in uproar over claims the u.s. government may may have been behind the recent facebook experiment the social media site try to manipulate the emotions of users by showing them different news feeds and as merino portnoy in their reports washington has an appetite for this kind of research. when the world's largest social media platform betrays its users there's
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going to be outrage will study to see whether facebook could influence the emotional state of its users on that news feed it allowed researchers to manipulate almost seven hundred thousand users newsfeeds some saw more positive news about their friends others saw a more negative bomb not surprised i mean we're all kind of lab rats in the big facebook experiment but it wasn't only facebook's experiment turns out the psychological study was connected to the u.s. government's research on social unrest this is really kind of creepy sure and it gets worse what you may not know is that the u.s. department of defense has reportedly spent roughly twenty million dollars conducting studies aimed at learning how to manipulate online behavior in order to influence opinion a mission it was launched in two thousand and eleven by the pentagon's defense advanced research projects agency otherwise known as darpa the program is best described as the u.s. media's effort to become better at detecting and conducting propaganda campaigns
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via social media translation when anti-government messages gain ground virally washington wants to find a way to spread counter opinion they want to dominate what they call the information battle space. so what they're looking at is developing methods into new techniques in order to do that and it gets very scary from the standpoint of where our rights can be violated and you know not knowing whether we're seeing accurate information security and privacy researcher kevin gallagher says one way the u.s. government can spread misinformation is through fake bots on twitter you're followed by a lot of these accounts to. having really set up their profiles apparently i have a bit of a fake following look at this account it's been treating me using my probably all of your colleagues trying to get you guys interested in this link course of. into
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the guardian some of the d.o.d. funded research monitored and analyzed the twitter feeds of occupy activists and reportedly went so far as to message on winning social media users in order to track and study how they responded in an era of mass information critics say that manipulating messages is quickly growing into our valuable tool of the u.s. military very important i.r.t. new york. now if you get the chance to take a look at our website we've got plenty of stories there for you too including biting the bullet americans go on a buying frenzy for the a k forty seven over things you could soon struggle to get one in the u.s. you can find out more about that at r.t. dot com plus. an iraqi shrine revered by both christians and muslims has been reduced to rubble by the islamic state jihadi scrape after they filled the ancient monument we have explosives at online the full video background to that story.
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without international abby martin i'm brushing this. in florida the debate over whether illegal immigrants should be able to get driver's licenses is heating up one group called the living with angels says that they should be allowed behind the wheel to support this do they use a classic argument that comes up a lot the media they say that not a lot of people for it are legal so if you're not legal you can have a driver's license what's with that this is like when people say well we should legalize drugs because people use them anyway or we should legalize prostitution because people will do it anyway so such i think they mean that it's everyone comes here illegally anyways we may as well let them drive so. enough people do something
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we currently consider illegal does that make it ok maybe sometimes but in the case of illegal immigration rolling out the red carpet for people to come to a nation illegally just empowers more people to come and it certainly spits in the face of locals and legal immigrants who do obey the rules of bureaucracy so here i would say no to driver's licenses for illegals in florida yeah there might be millions of them in the usa but that doesn't justify society bending over to make their lives comfortable if you want to drive in america be born american or become one the legal way but that's just my opinion. the last thing is sad people essentially believing in this world when they believe that you know that me to be here to talk to you that they simply don't realize went up and down days the parts of town we need to go by beyond that and actually gauge with the ideas in the information that is presented as well and confront that
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information i think does something that it is useful for not everything is black and white not everything is a taken a stick and the more that we can be i guess an open open minded con the source of information regardless of the source i think we're all going to be. what's happening everyone i'm having martin and this is breaking the set so remember chiquita banana was funny in a right wing paramilitary death squad in colombia oh well even if you don't they were yes to the tune of one point seven million dollars back in the ninety's the violence between the chiquita banana supported a you seen its left wing counterparts far resulted in the deaths of almost fifteen thousand people now.


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